1st Location: 1241, Creekbark court
Riverdale, Ga. 30297
2nd Location: 5913, Homestead Court
3rd Location: 7752, Marabou Lane
Riverdale, Ga. 30274

Phone: 770-573-7118
Email: angelsroyalgardens@aol.com

Who We Are

Angels Royal Gardens (PCH) has the best staff who can provide you with personal care in our residential setting.  They are motivated people who know how to cheer you on as you stay with us during recovery or retirement and to fight with you as you battle deteriorating health in a tough situation.  Personal Care is more than what it sounds – it is the compassionate care for residents in our facility.  We thoroughly assess our residents’ needs and personalize a care plan that will be suitable for each of them.

All staff members of Angels Royal Gardens (PCH) are very professional in their work.  Their work ethic is a wonderful blend of compassion and proficiency in applying personal care / senior care procedures to the residents.

They are caring and friendly, fit to become your companions.  They will always stay by your side.  They will not leave you and let you feel alone.

We make sure that they are in their top shape by continuously allowing them to attend seminars, in-service trainings and re-certification as caregivers.  In every aspect, our caregivers are able to enhance their skills and their approach in caring for you or your loved one.  We learn from every experience and will use those as opportunities to develop and become better as a personal care home.

You can enjoy the services that Angels Royal Gardens (PCH) offers.  Call us at 770-873-4168 if you are interested in becoming one of our residents and a part of our family.